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February 17, 2017

YOY Growth for Major Retailer Mobile Apps

Retail & Shopping

Earnings for the fourth quarter of several major retailers are due out in just a few days:

February 16, 2017

No Love for Pokemon GO on Valentine's Day


Pokemon GO’s revenue has been in slow and steady decline ever since its peak in late July/early August. Most of its revenue derives from Japan but the United States is a close second.

January 10, 2017

Apptopia's Jonathan Kay On The App Economy

Apptopia App Economy

Just before Christmas, Apptopia Co-Founder and COO Jonathan Kay was live on Cheddar discussing the app economy. The full video is below but here are the barebones highlights:

December 08, 2016

Dawn of Dawn of Titans: Three Things $ZNGA Investo...

Investing Games

Zynga’s 3D Clash of Clans killer Dawn of Titans finally dropped worldwide after years spent in beta (Press Release here). To say that this was highly anticipated is an understatement:

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