Apptopia Launches Mobile App


Jonathan here.  As many of you know, I am the founder of Apptopia and I wanted to give you some insight into a brand new product we are launching into Beta today (only for current Apptopia users).   Today we released native iOS & Android apps called “Apptopia Dashboard”.  At its most simple level, the… Read More »

Product Update: New Payment & Transfer Process


  I am excited to announce 2 rather large improvements to the user experience at Apptopia.  Over the last few months we have completely re-worked both how you pay for acquisitions on Apptopia, as well as the entire transfer process.   I know that often times people do not like change and new processes; however, after… Read More »

UPDATE: Apptopia Product Update: 6.10.13


One of my absolute favorite things about being the founder of Apptopia is hearing from customers.  You might be thinking, “bullshit,” everyone says that, but think about it for a minute.  I sent an email to thousands of customers (who I spent the last 18 months of my life tirelessly building rapport with) telling them… Read More »

Free Source Code Available To Download


Hello Hello, This is Jonathan, the founder at Apptopia.  We had something really interesting happen at Apptopia recently.  It’s a first and has compelled me to write this blog post.  I want to share two things with you: A story. Source code to an app called Hard Rock Player (completely free).   The Story It… Read More »