Want to Sell your App? It Better Have Analytics


We’re living in some interesting times here at the Acquisitions department of Apptopia. We’ve gotten to a point in our business where we’ve had enough experience, collected enough data, and spoken to enough sellers and buyers to come away with some really actionable insights about the M&A market for mobile apps. One of those insights… Read More »

Valuing App Portfolios


We recently blogged about a $200,000 portfolio acquisition that we brokered between Carter Thomas, owner of Bluecloud Solutions, and an international app fund, AppBin. Shortly thereafter we received a comment that made us realize that while we know a heck of a lot about valuing app portfolios – we haven’t been doing a very good… Read More »

6 Reasons Developers Sell Their Mobile Apps

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 1.13.40 PM

It turns out that mobile app acquisitions aren’t just for the Instagrams and Casey’s Contraptions of the world. In fact, pretty much any developer can be part of this emerging second market for apps. As selling the full ownership of an application is still a really new concept we wanted to help you understand some… Read More »

Mobile Apps Make Less than $500 a month – Huh?


Yesterday, GigaOm published the results of their study on developers’ monthly take from paid apps. If you read the title of this post, you can guess how much money most of them make. Despite the Angry Birds and Words with Friends of the world (the 5% of developers actually making $20,000+ per month), are prospects more bleak for the… Read More »