Get Your App Featured And Drive More Downloads

How to Get Featured on iOS

At Apptopia, we make developers money. And one thing we know is that nothing boosts your revenue like driving more traffic. Whether you have recently purchased an app off our platform, or you are just looking to optimize your current portfolio, you’re in the right place to learn how to improve discovery. Success in the… Read More »

When You Monetize Your Apps Matters as Much As How

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We introduced a new and important concept in an eBook we released last week on IAP (The Developer’s Guide to In-App Purchases) that I wanted to spend a few moments clarifying. The central idea is that when a user downloads your app, monetization methods generate revenue at different times. By understanding when each monetization strategy… Read More »

The App Developer’s Guide to In-App Purchases


Move over paid downloads and ad support, IAP is taking a seat at the head of the monetization table. Smarter and more dynamic than paid downloads, and best of all it plays well with others. The numbers don’t lie, IAP revenue has nearly doubled on iOS over the past year to account for 69% of… Read More »

Why Apple is trying to kill NFC

With all of the jubilance surrounding the release of the iPhone5, there was one largely overlooked feature omission that caught my eye. It was an omission that did not get enough attention in my opinion and one that holds a lot of strategic significance. By failing to include Near Field Communication (NFC) support, and instead… Read More »

Steve Jobs Taught Me Not To Steal


For a generation that grew up on Napster, Kazaa, BitTorrent, Limewire, and an army of other file sharing tools, the idea that you get what you pay for isn’t exactly second nature when it comes to digital content. Learning this concept has required huge shifts within the digital content ecosystem. Two years after Napster changed everything, the late Steve Jobs set the foundation for a decade long process with the release of the iTunes store, making it monumentally easier to buy music.