Free Source Code Available To Download


Hello Hello, This is Jonathan, the founder at Apptopia.  We had something really interesting happen at Apptopia recently.  It’s a first and has compelled me to write this blog post.  I want to share two things with you: A story. Source code to an app called Hard Rock Player (completely free).   The Story It… Read More »

The History of Mobile App Stores


As with any modern innovation, you can track the steps that brought us to where we are now. Shoutem, an awesome start-up that helps individuals and businesses build mobile apps without any coding knowledge, took the time to make an incredible infographic  that outlines the history & dynamic growth of mobile app stores. It’s fascinating… Read More »

Apptentive: Make the investment worth it


  The Problem: Developers are struggling to connect and understand their market. Time is dedicated to user retention & market research when it could be spent on building awesome stuff. The current rating & review system is very impersonal. The Solution: Apptentive – better ratings and reviews for Android & iOS apps In the matter… Read More »

The Hook: 5 tricks to app success


There are far too many apps that can’t hold a customer past the download day. As a developer, you want to focus your efforts on the code behind the app.  But it’s essential to remember that it’s a balance. A perfectly coded app with no customer loyalty, doesn’t get very far (or make much money).… Read More »