Simple ways to profit off your apps


It wasn’t supposed to be like this. We were told that if we built a solid app that people found useful, the money would come on its own. We should be picking out names for our boats, not obsessively checking our app analytics. Profits were supposed to just happen. But coding a fist-pumpingly perfect idea and releasing it to the app store isn’t enough to fill a bank account. Clearly you’ve heard some of the tricks to squeeze extra dollars out of your app, but are you sure you know them all?

Developers can make money, friends with in-app messages


Watch your phrasing on these messages very carefully. Remember a month and a half ago when Google Play’s poorly-worded Quick Suggestion widget asked app users if they “Want quick suggestions?” for similar apps? Many didn’t, and they down voted apps thinking they were warding away future messages on their mobile devices.

BostInno: Like Hedge Funds, But for the App Economy: Behind Apptopia’s Business Model


BostInno’s Walter Frick wrote an article today featuring Apptopia – It’s a great piece and we wanted to share it with you! ——————————————————————————————————————————————- Talk of the “app economy” can at times seem far fetched. Can an economy really run on Angry Birds? Put differently, is there actually real value to be created and real money… Read More »