Was Flappy Bird’s removal a cash out or a cop out?


But one thing Nguyen doesn’t have now is a lockdown on future success with his next project. His formula was so simple that tons of developers have already produced take-offs. His success was built on luck and novelty, not skill and polished craftmanship, and the meekish nature of his retreat didn’t do his brand any favors. If he wants to have another hit, he’ll have to start over again.

Gamer Demographics that Every Developer Should Know

Gamer image

Every game developer should understand the target demographic that his or her app appeals to.  If you understand your audience, you will see much more success with the marketing and monetization of your app. According to Flurry, there are over 1 billion active smartphones and tablets using apps around the world every month.  On those… Read More »

Public Service Announcement: Patent Trolls

Patent TRoll

Here’s an interesting issue that is affecting mobile developers and small business owners recently: “Patent Trolls.”  Formally known as “Patent Assertion Entities,” Patent Trolls are companies that buy old or dormant patents and use them to sue other companies or individuals, with no intention of creating any physical product with that patent. How do Patent… Read More »

How T-Mobile Changed Everything


  Market underdog T-Mobile made a highly publicized move to drop wireless contracts altogether, and make their billing process transparent.  The publicity stunt smells of desperation, after they nearly went out of business following a failed AT&T merger in 2011.  Time will tell how effective this is, as many consumers balk at the notion of… Read More »