Apptopia Launches Mobile App


Jonathan here.  As many of you know, I am the founder of Apptopia and I wanted to give you some insight into a brand new product we are launching into Beta today (only for current Apptopia users).   Today we released native iOS & Android apps called “Apptopia Dashboard”.  At its most simple level, the… Read More »

Product Update: Flurry Analytics & App Alerts


As you might be noticing, our blogging is ramping up big time here at Apptopia HQ.  This is no accident.  We were so crazy our first 5 months that we just didn’t have the time.  Now, we are ready to start sharing all of our knowledge, tips, tricks, and fun facts about #mobile with you.… Read More »

Big New Functionality & 4 Month Update


Hello Hello! Wow.  So it’s been nearly 4 months since we’ve blogged, and I don’t think I‘ve personally blogged here since DAY ONE when Eli and I wrote about “Why We Quit Our Jobs”. Yikes.  Apologies.  I have very quickly learned that doing anything “social” while running a business is nearly impossible! Either way, its… Read More »