Gary Vaynerchuk Talks Mobile & Apps With Apptopia Founder

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I feel very fortunate today as I had the opportunity to spend 20 minutes with Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary has always been someone I respected. He got where he is today by working harder & smarter than the people around him (something I can very much relate to through my journey with Apptopia). However, I will not waste your time with my words but rather invite you to hear the really interesting content from our call.  I have outlined the questions and topics we discussed below so you can follow along.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy:


What We Covered (in order):

  1. Why nothing is more important than mobile & what Gary is doing to capitalize on this.
  2. How does the above belief trickle down to management at VaynerMedia?  What is your message about mobile to them (and your clients)?
  3. Most people do not realize it but web marketing and mobile marketing are unbelievable similar. What are some web marketing tactics that you recommend app developers use on mobile today?
  4. What makes you “bite” on mobile today?  (i.e. when you are lying in bed late at night playing around on the App Store…what do you end up taking our your wallet for?)
  5. Fact: The average mobile user does not buy an In App Purchase until their 10th visit / session in the app.  Given that most people delete the app after their first use, how do you use product to create enough customer loyalty to get your users to bite on an IAP?
  6. Non-Mobile Question:  You grew your team from 25 to 200 in one year…how can you grow and hire that quickly while still maintaining the human integrity that we all know is so important to you?
  7. Gary has tweeted about Apptopia twice 1. & 2. – My question to Gary…having never spoken with me or anyone on my team what made you want to buy an app versus build? What would you do to the app to “super charge it”?
  8. Twitter: First they launch Vine & then soon after acquired Crashlytics. What do you think these guys are up to?  Are they prepping for something even bigger in mobile?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the interview. At the very least I hope you found it valuable and motivating. As always I am open to any & all questions, comments and criticisms.  My contact information can be found here:

- Jonathan

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