Apptopia Highlights App Listings ‘DocDock’ and ‘Kwkster’

Every so often we like to highlight an app listed in Apptopia’s marketplace. Today, however, we are going to highlight 2 apps, DocDock and Kwkster, created by the young, talented developer, Josh Mendes-Yesufu. 

  • DocDock provides users with a fast and intuitive way to access files saved to Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, and/or Box from one interface. Think of it as your launcher into the cloud. One of DocDock’s purposes is to provide a way for people to leverage the free space that each cloud service provides. This makes it less likely to have to pay for more space on a single cloud service.  Watch a short video here.
  • Kwkster (Quickster) is a quick and simple way to connect to social media content.  Kwkster is maintenance free – just needs marketing love!  Users may use Kwkster to easily navigate and leverage features from multiple social media services. By using a simple and consistent interface for each service, Kwkster allows users of all abilities, technical or non-technical, to quickly get up and running on any of the six social media services aggregated into the app, even if it is their first time using the particular service. 

DocDock and Kwkster are useful apps that have received traction on Google Play but they have much more potential. Mendes-Yesufu has a passion for developing apps, not marketing them.  He’s hoping to sell these apps to a buyer who can invest the time necessary to make the apps more successful. In addition, selling these apps would allow Mr. Medes-Yesufu to devote his time to strictly building and designing software.

 “Apptopia’s marketplace allows me to avoid doing contract app development work for people whose ideas probably wouldn’t get much traction even if marketed correctly and instead, build apps that can provide value to users. My goal is to build up a reputation on Apptopia and increase the demand for my apps by selling them at prices that pretty much guarantee good returns.  Ideally I’d like to develop a network of acquirers to consistently flip my apps allowing me to easily sustain myself with my passion for developing apps without having to worry about becoming a sales/marketing guy,” said Josh Mendes-Yesufu.

To learn more visit the listing pages for DocDock and Kwskter

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  1. Seen it coming, but even more proud of u Joshua Mendes-Yesufu!

  2. This is Awesome Joshua!!! Kudos

  3. Absolutely Awesome Joshua! You are an inspiration to young people across the globe. Continued success with your App Development creations!

  4. One of our first entreprenes at StartupLab Allston we are proud of Josh’s progress! Carpe Dium!

  5. So proud of you Josh these apps r perfect storage on the cloud is expensive and their convenient, quickly gets you to whatever u need on social media

  6. Brilliant mind, brilliant kid. Hope someone gets it together and purchases this app!
    This young man has bigger and better things for us on the way. Good job Joshua

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