iOS6 App Store: What’s the same & what has changed?


The much-anticipated iPhone 5 finally arrived at the end of September, and with it a newly designed App Store. Now, it’s up to developers to familiarize themselves with the changes to the app shopping experience prompted by iOS6 in order to be successful. What Has Changed in the Update to iOS6? 1) Fewer results displayed… Read More »

Top 5 Forums for Android Developers


In the crazy world of app development, it’s essential to be part of a strong online community for those frustrating times when you hit a roadblock or don’t even know where to begin on something. For mobile app developers, the opportunity to share ideas, answer questions and ask others is of unparalleled value. Below are… Read More »

Why Apple is trying to kill NFC

With all of the jubilance surrounding the release of the iPhone5, there was one largely overlooked feature omission that caught my eye. It was an omission that did not get enough attention in my opinion and one that holds a lot of strategic significance. By failing to include Near Field Communication (NFC) support, and instead… Read More »

App Investment Secrets I Learned From My Realtor

App For Sale (Transparent)

There are now quite a few people involved in marketing and developing mobile applications, whether as part of a company’s branding strategy, as a hobby, or as a fully functional business intended to generate passive income. The most common question amongst mobile app owners is: “How can I make money from my app?” Over 5 million… Read More »