Was Flappy Bird’s removal a cash out or a cop out?


But one thing Nguyen doesn’t have now is a lockdown on future success with his next project. His formula was so simple that tons of developers have already produced take-offs. His success was built on luck and novelty, not skill and polished craftmanship, and the meekish nature of his retreat didn’t do his brand any favors. If he wants to have another hit, he’ll have to start over again.

Developers can make money, friends with in-app messages


Watch your phrasing on these messages very carefully. Remember a month and a half ago when Google Play’s poorly-worded Quick Suggestion widget asked app users if they “Want quick suggestions?” for similar apps? Many didn’t, and they down voted apps thinking they were warding away future messages on their mobile devices.

Apptopia Launches Mobile App


Jonathan here.  As many of you know, I am the founder of Apptopia and I wanted to give you some insight into a brand new product we are launching into Beta today (only for current Apptopia users).   Today we released native iOS & Android apps called “Apptopia Dashboard”.  At its most simple level, the… Read More »