Product Update: New Payment & Transfer Process


  I am excited to announce 2 rather large improvements to the user experience at Apptopia.  Over the last few months we have completely re-worked both how you pay for acquisitions on Apptopia, as well as the entire transfer process.   I know that often times people do not like change and new processes; however, after… Read More »

UPDATE: Apptopia Product Update: 6.10.13


One of my absolute favorite things about being the founder of Apptopia is hearing from customers.  You might be thinking, “bullshit,” everyone says that, but think about it for a minute.  I sent an email to thousands of customers (who I spent the last 18 months of my life tirelessly building rapport with) telling them… Read More »

Gamer Demographics that Every Developer Should Know

Gamer image

Every game developer should understand the target demographic that his or her app appeals to.  If you understand your audience, you will see much more success with the marketing and monetization of your app. According to Flurry, there are over 1 billion active smartphones and tablets using apps around the world every month.  On those… Read More »

Why Android Developers Choose Amazon’s Appstore

AmazonAppstore Banner

App analytics platform App Annie conducted a survey of over 1,500 Android and iOS developers, asking them why they publish apps on the Amazon Appstore. These were the top three answers: I already develop Android apps, so it’s easy to port to Amazon I believe Amazon’s market share will grow I believe the Kindle Fire… Read More »