The Rise of Mobile Music


  The world of digital music has had a volatile history.  From the moment Napster created the first truly mainstream P2P file sharing system, the music industry has been working to discover a new model for sustainable content monetization.  With the advent of iTunes and the 99 cent-per-download model, paid digital content was able to… Read More »

Get Your App Featured And Drive More Downloads

How to Get Featured on iOS

At Apptopia, we make developers money. And one thing we know is that nothing boosts your revenue like driving more traffic. Whether you have recently purchased an app off our platform, or you are just looking to optimize your current portfolio, you’re in the right place to learn how to improve discovery. Success in the… Read More »

71 Key Terms for Android App Developers

Android Developers

With Android apps projected to be downloaded 32 billion times this year, it’s a good time to expand your knowledge of the OS that runs the majority of the world’s smartphones. At Apptopia we are big supporters of the android community, with tons of Google Play apps for sale on right now.  In the spirit of helping… Read More »

Want to Sell your App? It Better Have Analytics


We’re living in some interesting times here at the Acquisitions department of Apptopia. We’ve gotten to a point in our business where we’ve had enough experience, collected enough data, and spoken to enough sellers and buyers to come away with some really actionable insights about the M&A market for mobile apps. One of those insights… Read More »