Valuing App Portfolios


We recently blogged about a $200,000 portfolio acquisition that we brokered between Carter Thomas, owner of Bluecloud Solutions, and an international app fund, AppBin. Shortly thereafter we received a comment that made us realize that while we know a heck of a lot about valuing app portfolios – we haven’t been doing a very good… Read More »

Apptopia Brokers $200K App Portfolio Sale


Over the last several months Apptopia has quickly gained greater interest from large financial and investment firms to acquire portfolios of mobile apps. We’re excited to announce that we brokered a $200,000 acquisition.  The deal reflects a milestone for Apptopia as we continue to see greater interest from large financial and investment firms. “The interest for… Read More »

Buying an App: Choosing the Right App for You


(Image credit: Mobile App Builders) While many Apptopia buyers come to the site knowing exactly what type of app they’d like to buy, for most people that isn’t the case. Buying an app is an investment and we want to make sure you’re choosing the one that’s right for you. To help you through the… Read More »

When You Monetize Your Apps Matters as Much As How

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 2.59.38 PM

We introduced a new and important concept in an eBook we released last week on IAP (The Developer’s Guide to In-App Purchases) that I wanted to spend a few moments clarifying. The central idea is that when a user downloads your app, monetization methods generate revenue at different times. By understanding when each monetization strategy… Read More »

The App Developer’s Guide to In-App Purchases


Move over paid downloads and ad support, IAP is taking a seat at the head of the monetization table. Smarter and more dynamic than paid downloads, and best of all it plays well with others. The numbers don’t lie, IAP revenue has nearly doubled on iOS over the past year to account for 69% of… Read More »