Five easy ways to make your app sticky


Analytics from 2013 showed that only 16% of apps were used three times or more by users. With so much revenue coming from advertisements and in-app purchases, it’s clear to see why increasing the “stickiness” of apps is important for driving up revenue. Some ways are actually pretty simple, have you tried all of these?

Planning a kick-ass app launch party


It wouldn’t be an app launch party without a live display of app sales. Put this in a central location where everyone can see and make the numbers easy to read. Maybe your graphics worker can set up a display to show those numbers with a pleasing interface, using colors coordinated to the app icon. If the sales are coming in strong, time events to sales milestones, like a fresh round of pizza at the 10,000th download.

Developers can make money, friends with in-app messages


Watch your phrasing on these messages very carefully. Remember a month and a half ago when Google Play’s poorly-worded Quick Suggestion widget asked app users if they “Want quick suggestions?” for similar apps? Many didn’t, and they down voted apps thinking they were warding away future messages on their mobile devices.

Why Android Developers Choose Amazon’s Appstore

AmazonAppstore Banner

App analytics platform App Annie conducted a survey of over 1,500 Android and iOS developers, asking them why they publish apps on the Amazon Appstore. These were the top three answers: I already develop Android apps, so it’s easy to port to Amazon I believe Amazon’s market share will grow I believe the Kindle Fire… Read More »