8 simple factors for App Store Optimization (ASO)


If you’re lucky enough to have an app that everyone’s heard of, most of your job as a developer is already completed. The rest of us have to duke it out in the app store search bar. There’s 8 major factors to consider, half of which you have direct control over on the app’s page, and another 4 off that page that you can influence but not directly control.

Audience targeting will help your app stand out


Think of the demographics of the users you are targeting and picture a typical person who would would use your app. What sort of interface would they respond to? How often will they use the app, and what is going on in their lives that could compete for their attention? Are they teens who have smartphones but lack credit cards, discouraging in-app purchases? Does your audience have young children who need constant care? Are they outside a lot and more likely to delete an app that drains their battery? Know your audience and create for it.

Simple ways to profit off your apps


It wasn’t supposed to be like this. We were told that if we built a solid app that people found useful, the money would come on its own. We should be picking out names for our boats, not obsessively checking our app analytics. Profits were supposed to just happen. But coding a fist-pumpingly perfect idea and releasing it to the app store isn’t enough to fill a bank account. Clearly you’ve heard some of the tricks to squeeze extra dollars out of your app, but are you sure you know them all?

Planning a kick-ass app launch party


It wouldn’t be an app launch party without a live display of app sales. Put this in a central location where everyone can see and make the numbers easy to read. Maybe your graphics worker can set up a display to show those numbers with a pleasing interface, using colors coordinated to the app icon. If the sales are coming in strong, time events to sales milestones, like a fresh round of pizza at the 10,000th download.

Was Flappy Bird’s removal a cash out or a cop out?


But one thing Nguyen doesn’t have now is a lockdown on future success with his next project. His formula was so simple that tons of developers have already produced take-offs. His success was built on luck and novelty, not skill and polished craftmanship, and the meekish nature of his retreat didn’t do his brand any favors. If he wants to have another hit, he’ll have to start over again.