A Mobile App That Dionysus and Bacchus Would Love: Mobile Wine Deals

Test Your Skills! 5 iOS Apps Portfolio

Today’s Top Listing is a portfolio featuring 5 “Don’t Tap the White Tile” style iOS games. These games are a true test of skill, focus, and reflex.   Why we picked it: With over 100,000 downloads, these apps have received a combined $10,000 in revenue over their lifetime, and a have an average rating of 4-stars.… Read More »

Place Your Bets! Money Machine Casino Portfolio

Interested in getting into casino games? This portfolio consists of 106 iOS slots games not to be missed. With varying themes, each app features slots sounds and awesome animations! Apps contain unique code, and seller is offering post-sale support and help on how to make the most out of the games. Why we picked it:… Read More »

3 Challenging iOS Apps!

Today’s Top Listing is a game portfolio with 3 iOS apps, including Amazing Pong, Avoid the Blocks, and Avoid the Blocks – Pro No Ads.   Why we picked it: According to the seller, these 3 apps have made $2,000 in their first month. Simple and addictive games for a good price! The theme has made over $10,000 in… Read More »

Get in the Driver’s Seat! 8 Racing Apps (iOS)

Today’s featured listing is a portfolio of 8 racing apps for iOS. Race against other cars and be the ultimate race car driver!   Why we picked it: All 8 apps have been recently updated, and the seller is also offering post purchase support! The source code used for the games is not for sale anywhere else, so… Read More »

Provide Ultimate Customization with Super Keyboards

You have personalized your wallpaper, ringtone, and phone case…now you need to customize your keyboard! Super Keyboards is exactly what you need.   Why we picked it: Super Keyboards is a well-designed app with clean graphics, and is iOS 8 Compatible. It is already making money, and can definitely make more by adding more IAP’s or… Read More »