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Block Story: Dragon riding, RPG Voxel Game

Download from iTunes App Store or Google Play! There’s nothing better than a wide-open game world in which you have essentially no limits and can alter the very landscape in which you play — that is, unless you add dragons of course.  Many say Block Story® is a cross between Skyrim® and Minecraft® and we… Read More »

Spy Camera OS: James-Bond-Level Spy Tools

You might not admit to it, but the truth is everyone at one time will want to capture an image without others noticing.  That’s why so many spy camera applications are available on app stores. Out of all those spy cameras, it is very hard to spot one that works perfectly for you.  Yet, Spy… Read More »

TV Portal: An App with the Ease of Netflix

Are you still stuck with a TV entertainment subscription and outdated episodes? This summer, you can save your money and the time searching for entertainment with TV Portal. This app gives you the freedom to pick from thousands of your favorite television shows.     Flexible Streaming: TV Portal allows users to stream free TV… Read More »


Ghost Radar: Sticky Side Scrolling Game

(Download from App Store)   Don’t let the name of this app fool you. Unlike the other Ghost Radar series apps which detect paranormal activities, Ghost Radar: Quest is a fun and exciting running platform game with fun and entertaining cartoon graphics.   What is it: This app is a side-scrolling game where players collect… Read More »


8 simple factors for App Store Optimization (ASO)

If you’re lucky enough to have an app that everyone’s heard of, most of your job as a developer is already completed. The rest of us have to duke it out in the app store search bar. There’s 8 major factors to consider, half of which you have direct control over on the app’s page, and another 4 off that page that you can influence but not directly control.