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April 17, 2017

screamers are 2017's first weird fad

App Store Games App Economy

There's been an explosion of ‘screamers’ in 2017. Screamers are runners that are controlled via the volume of the player’s voice. Players who do not want to lose their voice, piss off their neighbors,...

April 13, 2017

Four For Thought 4/13/17


1. You're still flying United. With Q1 earnings coming up for some major airlines, we thought we'd make a pretty little airplane pictograph. Oh, also United has not really been taking a hit (just a pu...

April 06, 2017

Four For Thought 4/6/17

Finance Games App Economy

1. Stealing from the rich. Robinhood is now valued at $1.3 billion according to TechCrunch. While it doesn’t charge per trade like a traditional broker, users can opt into a $10/month plan or just exe...

February 16, 2017

No Love for Pokemon GO on Valentine's Day


Pokemon GO’s revenue has been in slow and steady decline ever since its peak in late July/early August. Most of its revenue derives from Japan but the United States is a close second.

December 08, 2016

Dawn of Dawn of Titans: Three Things $ZNGA Investo...

Investing Games

Zynga’s 3D Clash of Clans killer Dawn of Titans finally dropped worldwide after years spent in beta (Press Release here). To say that this was highly anticipated is an understatement:

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