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2020: The Year of Streaming


Madeline Lenahan

Apr 02, 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been the longest year in recorded history. In times like this, humans must find ways to cope, relax and even, enjoy, when possible. That’s why, this year more than ever before, streaming services are dominating our collective attention.

Together, we lamented over the finale of Game of Thrones, awakened our inner child with the launch of Disney+, and shamefully binged all of Tiger King. Nevertheless, the arrival of new streaming competitors (like HBO Now, Peacock, and Quibi) means there’s much more in store for us.

To truly understand the trends we’ve noticed, and predict what’s to come, we teamed up with our friends at Braze, a comprehensive customer engagement platform. Using our performance estimates and combined expertise, we analyzed eight months of data to identify how competitors weathered the launch of Disney+ and what customer engagement tactics were the most effective. Of course, we also examined how the social distancing movement is playing a role in shaping content strategies and consumer behavior, too.

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One lesson became abundantly clear in our research: with the right content and the right engagement strategy, brands can succeed in a crowded space. While the data may be specific to streaming, the major takeaways can be applied to nearly every B2C industry. Here's some of what we uncovered in our deep dive: 

📈 We continue to see week-over-week increases in streaming sessions, which accounted for a 30.6% overall increase in March.

📺 Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty proved to be the most effective content for growth during the eight months we looked at, dominating all other shows by almost three-fold.

📩 Top performers were 1,051% more likely to send action-based messages to their consumers and up to 300% more likely to send messages on mobile-native channels.

🏆 The top ten most downloaded, time-spent in app, and in-app purchases (IAP) lists broken down for the global, US, and European markets.

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Madeline Lenahan

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