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5 ROIs of equipping your sales team with competitive mobile intelligence

Jul 21, 2020


Madeline Lenahan

Jul 21, 2020

Communications & Content Manager

More high-quality leads means more high-quality deals. Yet, too often, sales teams struggle to find a solution that guarantees both quality and quantity. This dilemma is even greater for mobile sales teams, as the app economy is really difficult to navigate without the right resources. 

That's where competitive mobile intelligence providers come in. Equipped with their tools, your sales team can easily identify and enrich high-quality leads. By saving time, money and energy, you'll alleviate headaches and improve win rates. Curious to learn more?

Here are the top five revenue generating reasons why you should invest in competitive mobile intelligence:

1. Full sales pipeline

You might be a self-sourcing savant, but there's only so much manual research an individual can do. By the time you've identified one lead, you've potentially lost another. With a mobile intelligence provider, you can quickly generate custom reports based on your ideal customer profile. In just a few clicks, you'll have hundreds of high-quality leads at your fingertips. Plus, these reports automatically update everyday, so you never miss a new opportunity. 

2. Reduced cost-per-lead

Mobile intelligence tools eliminate the need for expensive marketing campaigns. Instead of luring in leads through paid ads or "spray and pray" tactics, meet your leads where they are. A good mobile intel tool will provide you with performance data, contract "rip-out" windows, and even contact information. Leverage this info to achieve an earlier first touchpoint, without any additional spend.

Neura reduced their cost-per-lead by 500% and shortened their sales cycle by 50% using competitive mobile intelligence. Read their story here

3. Shortened sales cycle 

Your sales cycle doesn't have to be an uphill marathon. If it is, that's usually a signal that you, or your prospect, are missing key information. With a mobile intel tool, you have access to billions of data points. Seamlessly integrate these into your outreach and pitches, so you and your prospect have a clear understanding of what you're offering. This will put both of you at ease, as you identify and thoughtfully illustrate a strong use case for your solution. 

4. Improved customer retention

The stronger the use case, the easier it is to retain the customer. Armed with mobile insights, you'll know from the outset whether or not your lead is a real opportunity. After you've closed the deal, you can continue to use mobile intelligence to strengthen your relationship. Offer your customer insights about the app economy and track their growth. This way, you can continue to offer solutions that meet their evolving needs. 

5. Increased productivity 

When you equip your team with mobile intelligence, you eliminate potential roadblocks in their sales cycles. This support will keep your reps focused and, ultimately, less stressed. So, while other teams scramble to find and enrich leads, your team will be busy closing deals.  

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Madeline Lenahan

Communications & Content Manager