7 BIG Reasons to Integrate Apptopia with Salesforce

Jun 12, 2018


Matt Fleming

Jun 12, 2018

Director of Marketing @ Apptopia

Last week we made a big announcement. We announced Apptopia now fully integrates with Salesforce and a few other tools too.

While it was a big moment for Apptopia's product and engineering teams, we weren't entirely sure what to expect from the market. Surveying and interviews only go so far.

Today, I can safely say that the response has exceeded our wildest expectations. We're literally blown away by the feedback you've given us, so thank you.

Now, maybe you missed the announcement. Or maybe... you just need a little more encouragement :). But, if you have Salesforce, this is one integration that belongs on your wish-list. 

Here are 7 BIG Reasons To Integrate Apptopia with Salesforce.

1. Apptopia supercharges the way your team uses Salesforce.

Data becomes infinitely more valuable when everyone gets to use it.

Putting Apptopia's App Intelligence into Salesforce gives your sales team the data they need to effectively prioritize and target the right accounts.

Processes such as lead scoring, account based marketing, and lead routing can now utilize Apptopia's mobile data, making it easy to focus in on publishers with specific performance profiles or technologies used.

On a more strategic level, this integration also enables you to automate analysis done using Apptopia data and have the results piped directly into Salesforce. No need for manual imports or crazy formula fields.

It’s all the data you need, in the same place, already pre-crunched.

2. Getting setup is easy. 

If you are an existing customer, contact your Customer Success Manager, otherwise simply request a demo.

From there, we’ll schedule a discovery call to learn about your requirements. The integration should be up and running no later than six weeks after your purchase.

3. Few technical resources are required.

Our team will handle the bulk of the technical work for you. All we need is someone who has an understanding of your Salesforce instance to answer a few kick-off related questions and create the fields that will store your selected data points. 

Ongoing maintenance and support is also completely covered by our technical integration team.

4. The integration can be completely customized to fit your needs.

Here are just a few things that you can customize:

  • What Apptopia data is sent (choose from app performance, revenue data, ad spend, SDK intelligence and more)

  • Where the data is stored (store it in a custom Salesforce object, appended to a lead/account record, etc.)

  • How frequently updates are made (hourly / daily etc.)

You also have the ability to run custom analyses and have those results appended to the data sent by Apptopia to Salesforce.

5. Every Apptopia data point can be imported.

From basic API calls to custom aggregated tables, “everything is possible”. You can learn about our available data here.

Here are just a few things that can be added to your Salesforce environment.

  • Publisher Performance (e.g. aggregated stats across all apps)

  • Mobile App Metrics (Downloads, DAUs/MAUs, Revenue, Usage, Retention and more...)

  • Advertising Intelligence

  • SDK Intelligence

6. Apptopia can integrate with other tools too.

Apptopia can now connect to other CRMs and marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua and more.

Even Slack.

7. There's no better time to upgrade.

If you have Salesforce and need app intelligence, we're confident you'll love our integration. 

Talk to us to schedule time to learn about our special incentives for June.

Have questions? Want to talk about other platforms?

Drop us a line. We'd love to to talk with you!

Matt Fleming

Director of Marketing @ Apptopia