Americans are exploring alternative methods of transportation. Looking at average daily active users (DAUs) per month over the past 13 months, we’re estimating decreases in active usage for Uber and Lyft, while seeing increases in active usage for things like public transportation, bikes and scooters.


The above data is for the United States and is a combination of iOS + Google Play apps. Lyft has said its market share in the United States was at about 35% in early 2018, and is now closing in at around 40%. Lyft is losing less average DAUs than Uber, which has in fact grown its percentage of market share in the United States.

What is Motivate? It is a bike share operator that Lyft owns. When you're looking at Motivate, it is a combination of the top apps operating under Motivate; Ford GoBike, Bluebikes, Capital Bikeshare, Citi Bike, Divvy Bikes and Nice Ride Bike Share. 

Because Bird's tremendous growth really throws off the scale, we created another bike/scooter chart without it:


From January 2018 to January 2019, Uber + Lyft lost a combined 1.2 million average DAUs in the United States. During this same time period, the combination of Transit and Moovit gained 175k average DAUs and the combination of Lime, Bird and Motivate gained a little more than one million. The later two groups combined comes out to about 1.2 million average DAUs gained, the same amount Uber + Lyft lost. Obviously, many users are likely active users of multiple of these apps, but it is interesting to see the correlation.

AuthorAdam Blacker

VP, Insights