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Apptopia and Newzoo Partner Up, Adding Unique Data and Insights on the Global Mobile Games Market

Feb 16, 2021


Jonathan Kay

Feb 16, 2021

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Boston, MA February 16, 2021 Apptopia, a market leader in mobile app intelligence, announced today its partnership with Newzoo, the world’s leading provider of games and esports data and insights. The collaboration will combine Apptopia’s mobile data with Newzoo’s comprehensive games market insights to  support brands and game developers as well as media, financial, and technology companies to easily navigate the mobile world and the global games ecosystem.

Partnering with Apptopia will help Newzoo enhance its Newzoo Platform with mobile engagement metrics, such as the fastest-growing and trending gaming apps by title and studio. As a result, Newzoo Platform users, including Expert and Pro subscribers, will benefit from more comprehensive mobile data and games insights across all platforms.

Moreover, the partnership will significantly expand Newzoo’s annual Global Mobile Market Report subscription. In addition to strengthening existing data on mobile trends, device usage, and market forecasting for mobile games, the subscription and its accompanying reports will introduce new insights, such as mobile ad revenues. The upgrade will position Newzoo’s Global Mobile Market Report as the gold-standard guide to the global mobile ecosystem, including the mobile games market. Newzoo will release the 2021 edition of the report later this year in close collaboration with Apptopia.

In turn, Apptopia will use Newzoo’s insights and vast expertise in the global games market to gain knowledge on engagement shifts in mobile games. The partnership will also strengthen Apptopia’s position as a market leader in mobile app intelligence within the games market, a position the company already has in the finance, retail, and media markets.

I'm delighted that we are teaming up with Apptopia., said Marenco Kemp, Newzoo’s Director of Data & Analytics. “Newzoo is the go-to partner for games market data and insights, while Apptopia is the go-to source for mobile app intelligence. Together, we aim to create unique and valuable insights into the world of mobile games and beyond. We confidently chose Apptopia thanks to their accuracy, data breadth, and overall passion for building great products.

People play games on many platforms, which means that brands and publishers need the most complete view of the gaming ecosystem,” said Jonathan Kay, Apptopia’s Co-Founder and COO. “We’re happy to be part of the solution through partnering with Newzoo, and we're looking forward to meeting this market challenge together.”


About Newzoo

Newzoo is the world’s leading provider of games and esports data and insights. With over a decade of market expertise, Newzoo is proud to help some of the most successful entertainment, technology, and media companies around the world, such as EA, Bloomberg, PepsiCo, Vodafone, target their audience, track competitors, increase brand awareness, spot opportunities, and make strategic and financial decisions. Newzoo’s product portfolio includes the Global Games and Global Esports Market Reports, proprietary Consumer Insights profiling consumer behavior and preferences in 32 key markets across the globe, Newzoo Pro, Expert, and Consulting. For further information, please visit and get in touch at

About Apptopia 

Apptopia provides competitive intelligence for the mobile app economy. Data points include downloads, active users, revenue, rank, audience intelligence, advertising intelligence, SDK intelligence, and more. Apptopia was founded on the belief that the mobile app community requires transparency to level the playing field and make way for innovation and industry advancements. Mobile publishers and developers, service providers, and investors use Apptopia on a daily basis to understand and monitor competitors, inform business strategies, and identify emerging consumer interests and trends. See insights on our Blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Jonathan Kay

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer