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Apptopia Intelligence Generator: Free research tool for smarter investing

Feb 22, 2021


Jessica Demmer

Feb 22, 2021

Director of Demand Generation

Mobile data has proven to be a leading indicator of future company performance. But finding the right signal in the data can be extremely time consuming. As an investor, your time is better spent analyzing  trends to inform your next decision, not combing through data to find the right metrics. That’s why we set out to make it faster than ever to uncover and analyze signals.  

Free Research Tool - Free signals for smarter investing 

This research tool surfaces the leading indicator of a company’s future growth and competitive market position. You can pick from 50 public companies and receive a detailed research report, saving you valuable time normally spent researching a new idea or an existing holding. Our company intelligence generator provides the correlation between a company’s KPI and mobile performance metric. 

Our report identifies the fundamental business metric critical for a company’s success (bookings, revenue, purchases, visits, etc)  and finds the mobile metric (downloads, daily active users, total sessions, etc.) that influences the fundamental. 

In the example below, Teladoc’s core business KPI is US Patient Visits. The Apptopia mobile performance metric that is a leading indicator of patient visits is Total Sessions (the number of times the app was opened). There is a positive relationship between these metrics which means as total sessions increase, total patient visits also increase. 

Logically this makes sense, users are opening the Teladoc app in order to make appointments. 

R-coefficient - the strength of the relationship (correlation) between core business KPI and mobile metric (0.0-1.0). This r-coefficient score describes the strength of the relationship between the fundamental KPI and mobile metric. The stronger the relationship, the more reliable the mobile metric can be used for predicting a company’s future growth. 

  • ± 0.50 and ± 1 is a strong correlation
  • ± 0.30 and ± 0.49 is a moderate correlation 
  • Below + . 29 is a weak correlation

In the example above, a 0.95 r-coefficient signals a very strong correlation. This means that Total Sessions is an accurate leading indicator of US patient visits for Teladoc. For investors or companies interested in Teladoc’s performance, they can use Apptopia’s Total Sessions data as a way to forecast and track future performance.

Correlation Analysis 

Correlation analysis answers the question, how is a company performing against its core KPI?  See the trend between the company’s KPI and mobile performance metric over time, providing a snapshot of the company’s growth. 

If we look at the Teladoc example below, we see that Teladoc’s core KPI, Patient Visits, is growing over time. In addition, its mobile metric, Total Sessions, closely correlated to patient visits is also growing over time. As an investor or a company interested in Teladoc, this analysis validates the relationship between the fundamental KPI and mobile metric while also providing insight into the company’s growth over time. 

Competitive market analysis 

Competitive market analysis breaks down how a company performs against its industry and why it may be underperforming or outperforming its competitors. 

In the previous graph, we saw that Teladoc is growing, but how does their growth compare to the rest of the market? The competitive market analysis shows that Teladoc is outperforming its competitors. It is gaining market share from its main competitor Amwell. The results of their increased market share may be attributed to their larger international presence and scale. 

Putting it all together - research & analysis with one click

In summary, the leading indicator of Teladoc’s core KPI (Patient Visits) is Total Sessions. Teladoc’s Patient Visits and Total sessions have been growing over time, validating the correlation and showing positive company growth. When compared to its market, Teladoc is outperforming its competitors, which may be attributed to its larger national presence and scale. 

All that information was gathered with one click of a button. Without this research tool, it would take an analyst 10x the time to sift through data just to identify the relationship between Teledoc’s core KPI and mobile metric. With this research tool, scale your ability to uncover critical signals to make better decisions.

Power every stage of the investment process 

Our Intelligence generator serves as a powerful research tool to save time researching a new idea or existing holdings. 

  • Idea Generation

If you are interested in a specific company for a new investment opportunity or you own it and are interested in market engagement, this tool helps to uncover a new investment idea. You can research different companies to learn what mobile metric is most critical to their core fundamental KPI. 

  • Decision Enhancement

Use this tool as an alternative data source to research your existing investment idea. You may have an idea of what is moving the needle for a company and use this tool as a way to validate or bust your existing hypothesis. Once you have backed your hypothesis with data, you can move forward with the new opportunity.

  • Monitor Investments

Track growth trends for core holdings and gain insight into a company’s competitive positioning and market share. You can use this tool as a way to track your current investments or other competitors in the market. This allows you to gain a better understanding of how a company is positioned in the market and what may be contributing to its success.

Armed with this free research tool, you can quickly generate a new idea, validate an existing hypothesis and monitor a company’s competitive position in the market. Our new tool aims to make it faster than ever to uncover the signals you need to make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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Jessica Demmer

Director of Demand Generation