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Apptopia Launches Acquisition Pro

Oct 09, 2017


Adam Blacker

Oct 09, 2017

VP, Insights

We’ve been busy creating amazing new products to make your job easier while making you look like a hero to your boss and maybe even your entire company. While many Apptopia customers will already be familiar with these new products focused on user acquisition and advertising, many of you are just hearing about them for the first time. Here’s a look at what we’ve been cooking up in our data kitchen.

Acquisition Pro

Our new user acquisition suite offers several tools to help you understand your competitors’ advertising tactics and make yours more effective.

Top Advertisers & Advertiser Insights

This page displays the top 100 advertisers by share of impressions for each store in every category. You may sort by the specific network as well. We track the top eight mobile app advertising networks. Facebook and Instagram tracking are coming soon.

This page also lets you deep dive into any specific app and track its impressions on each network in any country for the past 90 days. Each app’s impressions can be mapped against downloads, revenue, rank, and more. You also get to see every specific ad the app is running/has run, how long it has been running/has run, and its share of impressions towards the whole. You can see the actual banner/interstitial ads and play the actual video ads.

We now track and break out playable ads!

iOS Top Advertisers.pngApp Page.png


Unsure of how much you need to spend to get to a specific rank in a specific market and stay there? Plug your desired market and rank in (CPI, too, if you already know your price), and we’ll tell you how much your initial and subsequent spend needs to be to achieve your goal.



Where will your budget go the furthest? Plug in your app, at least two competitors, and your 30-day budget to determine which countries you should spend what percentage of your budget in to get the most ROI.


Creative Gallery

Need inspiration? Check out the creative gallery to play/view any and all ads. Sort by app store, store category, network, time period, and creative type.Creative Gallery.png

The totality of the user acquisition suite is a powerful and comprehensive toolset by itself or paired with your current Apptopia subscription.

Interested in learning more? Contact us or schedule a demo.

Adam Blacker

VP, Insights