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October was a record-breaking month for home security apps

Madeline Lenahan

Nov 19, 2020

The home security market typically sees an uptick in new users in December as people unbox their holiday tech ...

Food & Dining

Foursquare + Apptopia: The Dining Forecast

Madeline Lenahan

Oct 29, 2020

The Dining Forecast: Tracking how restaurants are leveraging data to adapt to changing consumer behavior It go...


Ecommerce app trends in 2020

Madeline Lenahan

Oct 16, 2020

Our VP of Insights Adam Blacker just joined industry experts from Nativex and Appsflyer for an exclusive ecomm...


Homework-help apps increase IAP revenue 141% YoY

Madeline Lenahan

Oct 09, 2020

September ushered in another school year. But for many students and teachers, this required the adoption of vi...

Health and Fitness

How Planet Fitness accelerated growth amid a pandemic

Madeline Lenahan

Oct 02, 2020

In spite of the pandemic, Planet Fitness recorded approximately 44% more app downloads in H1 2020 than H1 2019...


How to build a chart-topping app using competitive mobile intelligence

Madeline Lenahan

Sep 03, 2020

Looking to create the next breakthrough app? You’re going to need data. Good data. 


Crypto apps see highest growth on record in July 2020

Madeline Lenahan

Aug 20, 2020

Everyone's talking about crypto again and I refuse to be left out (FOMO is a killer). In July, the top 10 cryp...


Zillow app breaks personal record with 2.2 million DAUs

Madeline Lenahan

Aug 14, 2020

Yesterday, August 13, the Zillow ($ZG) app achieved its highest number of daily active users (DAU) in its life...

Social Media

TikTok paves way for video editing apps

Madeline Lenahan

Aug 06, 2020

When we received stay-at-home orders back in March, the app market, and social media in particular, got a huge...