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Bloomberg & Apptopia: Why it Matters

Jan 01, 2019


Jonathan Kay

Jan 01, 2019

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mobile intelligence has been around for many years now. In fact, the core use cases of the data are pretty well-known and accepted at this point. When I explain what Apptopia does to my 75-year-old parents, and I tell them, “Netflix is looking to spy on what Hulu is doing”, they immediately get it.

However, there is a pretty powerful trend happening. Mobile performance is starting to become an uncanny indicator of offline activity. I know that over the past few years, every single one of you has sat in a room where someone presented a horribly boring and cliche slide to you about how much mobile is growing or how much the user time spent on phones is increasing.  I’m not going to insult your intelligence. Instead, I am going to show you...

Look at the correlation of mobile app downloads with Papa John's entire company reported revenue over the last 3 years:

Papa Johns-1

Mobile app sessions are a leading indicator of annual growth for retail giant Walmart:


Even one of the leading / fastest growing fintech companies, Square:


This is such a big deal because it means the signal from major brands’ mobile performance is growing exponentially. It's no longer just indicative of their tech-savvy early adopters but rather their whole online and offline audiences.

So I guess the key question remaining is…. Why Bloomberg?

It’s pretty simple - we wanted to work with the best, and Bloomberg has proven unequivocally to be the best at what they do over the past 20+ years.

Myself and my business partner Eliran talk all the time about “being rich or being king” (spoiler: we both want to be rich). People who want to be king believe with all their force that they are the best. So much so they don’t look to those around them, who have their own strengths. We’ve always felt that really smart people are perceptive and humble enough to know they can be elevated to new heights by surrounding themselves with the best partners they can.

We have essentially built a small quant team inside Apptopia over the past 6 months, validating that our data did, in fact, have a strong correlation with publicly reported company metrics and often was even a leading indicator.

We believe that with our quality data and Bloomberg’s infrastructure and industry experience, we can offer the strongest and most reliable mobile data offering for the financial industry. For more information, please visit


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Jonathan Kay

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer