Cut Your Sales Cycle in Half with App Reviews

Apr 26, 2023


Tara Kirkpatrick

Apr 26, 2023

Mobile Trends Analyst

Negative app reviews are the voice of missed revenue.

If you are a mobile service provider preparing for a sales pitch, look no further than customer complaints about a problem you solve for

Leveraging App Reviews as Proof Points of Customer Pain 

Let’s walk through an example in practice:

Say you work for a mobile service provider that sells a barcode scanning SDK. Part of your coverage is Shopping apps, and you need to land a major logo before the end of the quarter. The good news is that almost all Shopping apps are sold on needing a scanner. The bad news is that they have already signed with a solution in the last couple of years.

You need to know who is experiencing enough pain from their current solution that they will switch.

Enter: App reviews. 

App reviews are public through the App Store and Google Play Store, but it’s a time-consuming process to leaf through thousands of reviews that aren’t sorted with any rhyme or reason. Apptopia’s Review Intelligence lets you filter by keywords, intent, and sentiment. It also integrates into Apptopia Radar, so if you have a market of the top grocery store logos, you can quickly see how stores rank in review performance. For example, below the review performance filter is 'Sentiment', and the stores are sorted by percentage of Negative Reviews.

Filtering by Intent surfaces standard review topics like Payment, Feature Requests, Design, and more, so you can get more granular, faster. As a scanning software, selecting Payment is most likely to bring the apps that are struggling with the problem you solve up to the top. 

Stop & Shop (Publisher: Ahold Delhaize) is spotted at the top for Negative Reviews and most negative reviews about Payment. Double-click Stop & Shop to get a whole view of Review Intelligence for just this app. Top keywords surface trouble scanning digital coupons and the store card.

Boom. Your outreach email is writing itself.

Superspeed your sales outreach

In a matter of minutes, you’ve identified a high-quality lead and have data to personalize your pitch at the account level. How many more customers are churning to stores that allow them to save money and aren’t leaving a review?

The voice of the customer is invaluable to all businesses and difficult to ignore. With access to app reviews, mobile service providers can accelerate the sales cycle. 

Tara Kirkpatrick

Mobile Trends Analyst