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Data resources for businesses navigating the pandemic

Apr 22, 2020


Madeline Lenahan

Apr 22, 2020

Communications & Content Manager

We're here to help 

COVID-19 is rapidly reshaping our world. While economic downturn is merely one byproduct of this pandemic, it is the one we're asked about most frequently at Apptopia. As a healthy business with a lot of data to share, we want to do our part to help ease uncertainty during this time. 

Data resources 

➡️ We proudly teamed up with Knoema and fellow alt. data providers to offer free data resources, visualizations, and dashboards to the general public, media outlets, and policy makers to support the COVID-19 response. Learn more about our coalition and data-sharing efforts here. 

➡️ Separately, we worked with our partner MoEngage, a customer engagement platform, to create a detailed report on the business impact of COVID-19 across 12 different industries. By combining our data, we created a guide to help any mobile marketer, investor, industry leader or patron, navigate this unprecedented time. Access the full report here. 

For a small taste of our findings, we've also included quick industry facts below. 

➡️ Alternative Data Expert and SVP at Ascential Jeremy Baksht shared his current investment approach with us and gave us an analysis of the rapidly evolving retail industry. You can read his insights here.

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COVID quick facts

✈️ Travel/Hospitality

- Airline industry in the EU is most impacted, with Ryanair taking the biggest hit on mobile

- All major hotel chains and OTA apps show a downward slump, from as early as February 15

🛍️ Online Shopping

- Online shopping apps in India and North America see 100% increase in new users

- Daily services like grocery delivery see strongest growth 

👥 Video Conferencing Apps

- This industry as a whole has seen the most exponential growth 

- Industry leader, Zoom, increases downloads nearly 1,000%; Houseparty also sees 4-digit growth  

📺 Media & Entertainment

- Entertainment apps see a late (mid-to-late March) yet sustained upward bloom in downloads + DAU

- News apps experience yearly high in downloads worldwide (+200%)

🍔 Food Delivery Apps

- Food delivery apps see significant increase in new users in North America and Southeast Asia

- In Europe, the Middle East, and India, new users have fallen by about 30% 

🏠 Real Estate 

- Real Estate apps takes a dive across the globe, with India being hit the hardest on mobile

- North America & EU see similar drop in downloads, around 20%


- Number of new users of BFSI apps have fallen across all regions by about 25%

- North America, the Middle East and SouthEast Asia see a 22% decrease in daily active users

🚙 Mobility

- One of the worst-hit industries after Travel & Hospitality is mobility

- While active user trends in NA, EU, SEA, & India fall, we're seeing a resurgence in China & Korea

🛰️ Telecom

- Telecom apps are seeing a decline in new and active users across all regions except India

- 50% increase in user activity in India, and a small increase of 5% in new users


- Online edu. apps are seeing an exponential increase in new users across all regions, except India

- In India, new users and active users drop by 16% and 60% respectively

🏥 Healthcare

- Healthcare apps see large increases in new users in regions where consumer trust is high (North America and Europe)

- In India, there is more than a 150% decrease in active users

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Social Media Apps

- Downloads for the top 5 social media apps have taken a small hit, but DAU is up worldwide

Download COVID-19 Economic Impact: Data-driven insights for brands

*These trends were calculated based on data from March 5 to April 5*


If you're in need of more data resources or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Madeline Lenahan

Communications & Content Manager