Data Update: Expanded Google Rank Coverage to 1,500

May 14, 2020


Jonathan Kay

May 14, 2020

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Data Update: Expanded Google Rank Coverage to 1,500

In the effort to continue to provide our customers the most accurate and robust estimated mobile data in the industry, we have made some exciting and important improvements. 

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In September 2019, Google changed the number of apps which were being displayed in daily category ranking, i.e. the # of apps they were showing to users on their Google Play Website per category / country combination. Previously they had shown ~500 apps but in September, they reduced this number to 200. 

For those new to Apptopia, rank is a key input to our models, so when this change was made, the number of Google Play apps which Apptopia could provide performance data for, was reduced significantly.

This issue impacted 100% of the mobile intelligence providers in the space, and as of today no other provider has solved this issue.

What We Improved

We are very happy to report that after months of investigation, we have discovered a way to NOT ONLY get back to the original rank depth of 500, but get up to 1,500 ranked apps per country / category combination (this would allow GP to now be 1 to 1 to iOS in regard to ranking depth).

This is extremely exciting for Apptopia customers since we are the ONLY data provider in mobile to have this depth of rank data upon its release in early May.

How This Will Impact Customers

  • Starting on Wednesday May 13th, new updated rank data will be available 

  • Data will be updated starting from May 1st, 2020.

  • This update will dramatically increase the # of apps which Apptopia can now accurately provide estimates for.  No estimates or apps at the top of the market (i.e. previously ranked in the top 200) should be impacted.  We expect that over 10s of thousands of mid to small sized apps globally will now have a non 0 estimate value.

Important Note 

It’s extremely important to note, the vast majority of this change will likely only impact the smallest longtail apps - i.e. apps getting less than 100 downloads a day, etc. We estimate ~1,000 unique apps relating to ~400 public companies will be impacted by this update. (again, bear in mind these would only be apps with very low performance previously).

There will be no noticeable impact on any major app / ticker customers are currently tracking. 

Looking Forward - Adding New Countries (iOS Specific)

Apple is expanding their App store to 20 new countries and as such, we want to make sure that these countries are included in our data set so our customers have the most complete product we can offer. We will be recalculating our Worldwide estimates to include the new set of countries. We will be sharing more communication about this in the coming months. Sign up here to get all our product & data updates

Relevant News:

We know how important these changes are to our customers and others in the mobile world, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. We are here to help in any way we can.

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Jonathan Kay

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer