App Economy Announcement

Demographics Data Now Available to Give You an Unfair Advantage


Apptopia Marketing

Mar 23, 2017

We are thrilled to be announcing a new feature in our product; demographics. All Apptopia customers will be able to see the breakdown of age groups and gender for the top 225,000 apps across the App Store and Google Play for the past 30 days in the US. These same demographics are also available for average store ratings so you can analyze how various age ranges and genders tend to rate specific apps and create data-driven marketing strategies by understanding your target audience.


While it’s incredibly fun to see the age and gender breakdown of your favorite mobile apps, there are serious business implications that come with this data. Advertisers are able to pinpoint the apps that best match their target demographic for data-driven campaigns. Publishers can determine if their app is properly hitting the set target market compared to their competitors, as well as spot new ideas for their product and features roadmap based on the types of content resonating with their audience.

The availability of demographic data within Apptopia is another way in which we are making the app economy more transparent and democratizing data intelligence. Apptopia demographics data is available in all paid plans. We’ll have more product updates and announcements coming soon so stay tuned! Feel free to create a free account at or request a demo for a 1 on 1 consultation.