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Discover even more targeted leads with app classification intelligence

Nov 18, 2021


Apptopia Marketing

Nov 18, 2021

We know how important lead generation is to your business's growth, which is why we created Sales Prospector, your team's automated pipeline for the entire app ecosystem.

Sales Prospector's Report Builder contains the broadest dataset available, covering 7+ million apps and 2,900 SDKs, allowing sales teams to uncover their ideal customer profiles, growth their pipeline, and win more deals.

Today, we're helping you find even more targeted leads, faster, by integrating our latest and most advanced app classification intelligence, X-Ray, directly into Sales Prospector's Report Builder.

Current customers can get started immediately by activating your free trial in Report Builder. Login here and create up to 3 new reports, and get up to 5 new results per report. Because after all, the best way to understand X-Ray is to see it in free x-ray trial in report builder

What's new in Report Builder?

X-Ray, which uses machine learning to automatically assign classification tags—including functions, features, monetization, game play, and themes— to every app and game in the mobile ecosystem, can now be used as additional filtering criteria within report builder. 



With the power of Apptopia's advanced app classification intelligence integrated directly into Report Builder, sales teams can now go beyond broad app categories, and instead filter by 340+ app classification tags to find and spark new conversations with their top prospects.

  • Narrow in on your ideal customers and generate more targeted lead lists
  • Identify new opportunities based on specific app tags that were previously not a focus
  • Receive daily report digests of all new leads sent straight to your inbox based on these new, hyper-targeted parameters to empower faster, quality sales outreach

X-Ray Report Builder Filters How To


Filter by app classification tags to target top prospects

Don't waste your time sifting through thousands of results. With 340+ app tags (and growing), spanning 7+ million apps, you can refine the scope of your search even further to ensure you and your team are only going after top prospects.

X-Ray filters Locate Parked Car

Get started by opening Report Builder, from there you can:

  • Choose a report type, like Top ranked apps, or New releases
  • Narrow your search a bit further by choosing an entire region or app category in just a single click
  • Now comes the fun part: refine the scope of your report by adding one (or a few) of our new X-Ray app classification tags to filter down the results
  • You can choose to only show apps which have "Any" or "All" of the tags you've selected

As a location-based SDK, you might have previously been generating lead lists based on categories and performance metrics where you know you perform well, or even based on apps that have competitor SDKs installed. 

Now you can expand your search by including a filter for the 'Locate Parked Car' function, for example, to quickly identify top prospects, like ParkMobile and Parkopedia, that you want to reach out to.


Identify new opportunities

With great power comes great responsibility—and more importantly—more opportunities to grow your business.

With X-Ray's app tagging dataset integrated directly into Report Builder, you now have the power to hone in on your total addressable market. Use these new filters to quickly source leads based on app tags recurring within verticals that previously may have not been a focus for you and your team.

In a new report, add a filter for the 'Located Based' feature. Now you can prospect across all categories for all location-based features and functionalities to discover games (or other non-games) across long-tail and mid-market that would benefit from your service.




Intelligently scale your pipeline with app intelligence

Finding the best leads (fast) is crucial for any sales team. But most sales teams often find themselves spending more time prospecting and less time selling.

With X-Ray's new filtering criteria now available in Report Builder, sales teams will be able to generate even more powerful reports based on wildly specific criteria, easily identify the best prospects, and scale their pipeline. Request a demo below to get started using X-Ray in Report Builder.

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