Today, we're thrilled to announce the open beta of Apptopia for Google Sheets. It's just the latest step in our mission to bring mobile data into the tools and processes you use most.

Apptopia for Google Sheets is like a super weapon for sales prospecting. With just a few clicks you can add Downloads, DAUs, MAUs and Revenue to any app or publisher, in any market or store. For example, you can enrich a spreadsheet of apps or publishers with worldwide performance data, or go granular and focus on specific markets like the United States. 

The app even works with iTunes and Google Play app IDs. Simply select the column with the IDs and we’ll enrich it with download, usage, and revenue estimates.

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Here’s a look at how it works.

Data Provided:

  • Apps: Downloads, Revenue, MAU/DAU, Rank (Free, Paid, Grossing)

  • Publishers: Downloads, Revenue, MAU/DAU

Getting Started:

  1. Install Apptopia for Google Sheets from the Google Play store.

  2. If you don’t already have an Apptopia account, sign up for one here.

  3. Create a column and fill it with app or publisher names (e.g. Zynga, Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Sega).

  4. From the menu bar, click ‘Add-ons”, then Apptopia => Start. The sidebar will display prompting you to log into your Apptopia account.

  5. In the Apptopia sidebar, select the format of the data you entered (e.g. is it a publisher name, app id, app name etc…)

  6. Select a store (iTunes Connect or Google Play).

  7. Optional: Select a country. If left blank, it will default to worldwide.

  8. Select/Highlight the cells with your publisher or app names and click 'Get Range'.

  9. Click ‘Go!’. Each record will take approximately 5-10 seconds to enrich.

Changing Results:

Apptopia’s enrichment results are based on name similarity, as well as app/publisher popularity (e.g. downloads / usage). As such, it’s possible we will retrieve the wrong result for an entry, but don’t worry, it's easy to change. If the cell is italicized, that means we found multiple possible entries for your app. To select a more appropriate app/publisher, simply highlight the cells you wish to change and click ‘edit’ in the Apptopia sidebar. You will be prompted to select new matches from a dropdown list.


  • The add-on works with App/Publisher names and App/Publisher IDs

  • Each publisher or app will take roughly 5-10 seconds to match.

  • The Google Sheets add-on is currently capped at 100 rows or apps at a time. Each account is limited to 500 records max within a 30 day window. Existing customers can contact or the their account manager to unlock the extension (adds data-export module to account).

  • Enrichment results are based on name similarity, as well as the popularity of that app/publisher.

Free VS Paid:

  • Free: Data limited to ranges, 500 records per month

  • Paid: Precise data points 500 records per month

  • Paid + Data Export Module: Precise Data Points - Unlimited Records Per Month

Can we ask a favor?

Apptopia for Google Sheets is in Open Beta. That means we need your help (and feedback) to make it amazing. Can you check out the app and tell us how to make it better? We would love to hear your feedback.

You can hit us up on twitter, chat, or email. Even... Slack.

AuthorMatt Fleming

Director of Marketing @ Apptopia