1. That person next to you on the subway is not an actual lunatic, they’re just playing Chicken Scream, which topped the iOS App Store charts yesterday and today. This game could make for some awkward public moments as the volume of your voice controls the chicken’s movement.

2. Pandora > Spotify for mobile monetization. All I hear from Spotify users is how I’m super lame for using Pandora but the devil’s in the data and clearly Pandora is doing something right. View the iOS App Store Grossing ranks:

rank comparison.png

3. Females & Finance. Do women not care about their finances or do they just not use mobile apps for their finances? Or maybe these companies do a poor job of marketing to women. Either way, view this chart of U.S. gender splits for a bunch of finance apps:


4. What do Power Rangers and Stomp Rockets have in common? They were both popular in the 90’s and they both shot up quickly followed by an inevitable fall back down to Earth. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars launched with hype from the movie (more than 2M downloads) but nostalgia only lasts so long.



AuthorAdam Blacker

VP, Insights