1. Stealing from the rich. Robinhood is now valued at $1.3 billion according to TechCrunch. While it doesn’t charge per trade like a traditional broker, users can opt into a $10/month plan or just execute simple trades for free. If you followed us on Twitter, you would already know that Robinhood has more monthly active users than E*TRADE Mobile. Like, a lot more. Our demographic data shows E*TRADE’s users are much older so they probably manage their money via desktop.


2. Grab the money and run. Grab is gaining on Uber in APAC. January through March, Grab has 68% more active users than Uber in Singapore and is on hot on Uber’s heels in Vietnam and Malaysia.

3. It’s a hit. Glu Mobile’s MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017 becomes the first in its series to be fully licensed by Major League Baseball. Since launching before opening day, the game has been hanging out in the top charts for both stores. Considering the audacious length of a baseball season (and even a single game), I’m curious to see how well the game performs throughout the season.

4. Knowledge is power. You knew that, but you probably didn’t know the Education category is lucrative. Several weeks in a row, Education has been the highest grossing non-game category in Apple’s App Store. The top 50 publishers make less than 5% of the revenue, so the competition is healthy.


AuthorAdam Blacker

VP, Insights