As with about half of the articles on this blog, it started with my own curiosity. When do people download mobile games? Which day of the week? Turns out, it’s Friday. But truly, according to Apptopia download estimates, there isn’t a massive difference for game downloads day to day. We looked at daily download data for 26 weeks, starting on 12/30/18 and ending on 6/29/19, for both the world and the United States.


The numbers you see here are averaged. For example, we took the total game downloads for the past 26 Fridays and averaged them together to get our number. Globally, the low is on Tuesday with 164.7 million average daily downloads and the high is on Friday with 180.9 million average daily downloads.


America’s big day is Friday, just like the rest of the world. Monday is the second biggest day for both but after that, the order starts to differ. For the United States, the low is Thursday with 19.5 million average daily downloads and the high is Friday with 23.4 million average daily downloads. To help marketers optimize push notifications and promotions, we recommend Apptopia subscribers run their own analysis on which days consumers are generating the most in-app purchase revenue.

AuthorAdam Blacker

VP, Insights