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Get a clearer picture of app usage with Session Data

Aug 01, 2018


Matt Fleming

Aug 01, 2018

Director of Marketing @ Apptopia

Knowing how long and how frequently someone uses an app is incredibly valuable information. It’s the type of intel that can differentiate seemingly similar apps and shed light on their respective audiences’ usage patterns.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we've added Session Data to Apptopia.

Metrics such as Session Length, Sessions Per Day, Total Sessions, and Total Time Spent are now available for every app in the iOS and Google Play stores.

We've also added city level session data to our Enterprise plan, enabling hyperlocal tracking of session metrics city by city. This data offers new ways to measure the effectiveness of online and offline marketing campaigns and enables publishers to perform a deeper analysis of market penetration.

Whether your goal is to build a better app, crush the competition, or create that perfect prospect list, our Session and Engagement data can help.

How Much Does It Cost?

Session data can be added to an existing paid Apptopia account for $499 / month. City level session data is available under our Enterprise plan - please contact us for details.

What's In The Works?

Our devs are already building new functionality on top of our Session Data. Here's what's coming next.

  • Data aggregation at the publisher + category level

  • Slice session metrics by market

How Do I Get Session Data?

To add Session Data to your existing Apptopia account, please contact

Looking to test drive Apptopia or Session Data? Request a demo or email

Matt Fleming

Director of Marketing @ Apptopia