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Get excited about 2020

Jan 15, 2020


Apptopia Marketing

Jan 15, 2020

In 2019, people around the world used Apptopia to make better business decisions. Whether it was diversifying their stock portfolio or scaling their sales pipeline, we’re proud to have helped them reach their goals. To celebrate those successes and kick off 2020, we’re looking back on some of the year’s data-driven highlights.


We welcomed over 75,000 people to the Apptopia community from 70+ countries. They all hit the ground running by subscribing to our newsletter, exploring our dataset, and generating over 150,000 data-packed reports. With our newly advanced usage & revenue algorithms, our users equipped themselves with the most accurate and actionable app insights in the industry. And people took notice…

Our data was highlighted over 1,000 times in the news by some of the biggest publications in the world. In case you missed them, you can find some of the year’s most important mobile stories in CNBC, Venture Beat, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, to name a few. 

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Phones are an extension of ourselves; therefore, a reflection of real-world trends and events. We're glad to see more and more people catching on to this idea, so we're working hard to help them cut through the complexity of the mobile economy. This is why you can always find the latest insights on our blog


This year, you guys loved the content, especially our posts about Disney+, digital banking, and the launch of Mario Kart Tour. Plus, we had the pleasure of collaborating with our friends at Google, Liftoff, Facebook, Adcolony, Chartboost, InMobi (and more) to create specialized content which offered our audiences fresh perspectives and an in-depth look at the mobile landscape. 

Our partners played a major role in our success this year. But, of course, our 2019 would not have been the same without our incredibly talented internal team, which doubled in size. Over the past six months, we’ve worked diligently to recruit top-tier talent focused on product and client success. Now, 60% of our team is data and engineering-focused, and client success continues to be our fastest-growing division. 

The new year has just begun, and our team is already hard at work advancing our algorithms, sharpening our tools, and elevating our client experience. Through our people and product, we’ll be bringing you the very best in 2020. 🌟


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