Google Home sees more YOY growth than Amazon Alexa


Adam Blacker

Dec 27, 2018

Amazon Alexa beats Google Home in worldwide downloads this holiday season and last, but Google Home experienced a slightly higher level of year over year growth.


Even as more and more units are being sold, downloads will likely not climb too much more in future holiday seasons as many of these purchases are from existing users (already have the app downloaded) getting secondary devices (Echo Dots and Home Minis).

So, where did Google beat out Amazon this holiday season? Australia, Austria, Denmark and Germany all saw more downloads of the Google Home app than the Amazon Alexa app.

Looking at the top charts on Christmas day is always key to understanding which products were the most purchased in Q4. Take a gander at this year’s hot holiday gifts:


These apps’ rank really start rising in November but for our measurement above, we took a 24 hour rank change snapshot. Shoutout to Apptopia CEO, Eliran Sapir for giving the whole team Google Home Minis at our holiday party.

Adam Blacker

VP, Insights