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Health & Fitness App Revenue Reached $385 Million Globally in Q1 2019, Up 18% YOY


Adam Blacker

Jun 06, 2019

The Health & Fitness category hit an all time high in the first quarter of this year with $385 million dollars of in-app purchase revenue. The majority of this was through (you guessed it) iOS devices, representing 83% of the haul.

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Overall revenue for the category had declined for three quarters in a row prior to Q1. The first quarter for Health & Fitness apps is typically its strongest as people seek to execute on their New Year's resolutions. YOY growth for 1Q19 was 7% and QOQ growth was at 18.4%.


Google Play revenue does not fluctuate much. Looking at the above, the low is in 4Q18 with $62.4M and the high was this past quarter with $65.2M, a gap of 4.5%. The low for iOS was also in 4Q18 and its high was also 1Q19. The difference is the gap; $263M to $320M or 21.7%.


The downloads chart is noticeably different. The category as a whole just hit its all time high with 1.44 billion downloads in the first quarter of this year alone. That's up 1.4% YOY and 1.9% QOQ. Here, users of Android devices created 54% of the downloads this past quarter. Quarterly downloads from the Google Play store surpassed that of iOS in Q1 2018 and haven't looked back since. The height of Android downloads was this past quarter (777 million), whereas the height for iOS was in Q1 2018 with 712 million.

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Adam Blacker

VP, Insights