How Applike Group is positioning itself for growth during a time of industry-wide uncertainty

Apr 08, 2021


Apptopia Marketing

Apr 08, 2021

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AppLike Group is composed of  three companies, JustDice (discovery platform), adjoe (ad network) and Sunday (games publisher).  While the companies work independently, they all benefit from each others' technologies and knowledge, making their navigation of the mobile space that much more agile.  

Co-CEO & Founder of AppLike Group Jonas Thiemann joined us on this week's episode of Somewhat Mobile to explain how the three companies are working together to prepare for the future, especially as mobile advertising  undergoes sweeping changes. Jonas also explains the advantages of ad networks having their own supply of inventory, and advises publishers as to how they should approach their ad-tech relationships going forward.

If you don't have time to listen to the 18-minute episode, you can catch a clip of it below. 

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P.S. If you're an ad network looking for more advice on how to tackle the post-IDFA world, click here to read about Apptopia X-Ray, a contextual targeting solution.