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How mobile game development borrows from hip hop's remix culture

Apr 21, 2021


Apptopia Marketing

Apr 21, 2021

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Best known for Cat Escape!Sunday is a games publisher that focuses on highly-addictive gameplay and user-friendly monetization. Instead of spending three months or more on a hit-or-miss project, the Sunday team moves quickly to iterate on game ideas, measure their marketability, and build prototypes out of the most promising ones. Their speed and agility throughout the development process is what helps differentiate Sunday from its competition. 

Sunday's Managing Director Christoph Sachsenhausen joins us on this episode of Somewhat Mobile. He shares more about Sunday's approach,  how game development is like hip hop, and what he thinks the hypercasual space will look like in the future.  No matter what's to come for the market, one thing is certain: Sunday is well-prepared for growth, especially alongside sister companies adjoe and justDice. Listen to the full episode here to learn more. Or, if you don't have time to listen to the 27-minute interview,  catch a clip of it below. 

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