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How Stash opens the world of investing to anyone with $5 to spare

Mar 25, 2021


Apptopia Marketing

Mar 25, 2021

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Sudev Balakrishnan, Chief Product Officer of Stash, never imagined he’d be in product at all. While he has worn many hats throughout his career, he mostly excelled in consumer-facing roles. His expertise there, however, is exactly what made him the perfect fit to lead product development at Stash

Stash's mission is to make investing simple for average Americans— something  that would not be possible without its user-friendly app. On this week's episode of Somewhat Mobile, we learn how Sudev and his customer-centric product team work to create accessible and frictionless mobile experiences. Y'know, the type of experiences that keep users coming back. 

Don't have 25 minutes to listen to the full episode? In the clip below, Sudev shares how his team builds differently than most. 

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