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How to uncover new sales opportunities using Review Text Analysis

May 27, 2020


Damian Gray

May 27, 2020

VP, Customer Success

Better leads + shorter sales cycle = happier team. This is what you can expect with Apptopia’s Report Builder and Review Text Analysis. Mobile-focused sales teams everywhere are leveraging these tools to surface leads, filter for the best targets, and empower their sales outreach. Wondering how to get started? Let’s walk through the process together. 

Surface leads with Report Builder

Sales Prospector > Report Builder 

Report Builder allows you to query the entire app store in seconds, so you can find the apps and publishers that meet your ideal customer profile. Select your categories of interest, filter by performance criteria, and segment by publisher location. You can even filter by SDK, so you can quickly identify who is working with your competitors and determine their potential “rip-out” window. 

Report Builder_ screenshot

If you choose not to filter for SDK using Report Builder, you can always identify that information later while using Review Analysis. But, the more specific you are while building your report, the less results you will have to sift through.

Once the report is generated, it’s time to dive into the apps that really catch your eye. If you’re an Ad Network targeting large casual games, then Words With Friends 2 will likely be included in your results. Let’s stick with this example...


Find the BEST targets with Review Analysis

App Insights > Review Analysis

At this point, you’ve decided to look at a specific app. In this case, you’re looking at Words With Friends 2 and you’ve selected ‘Review Analysis’ under ‘App Insights’ on the navigation menu on the left side of your screen. Now, you can filter by Sentiment, Intent, or Keywords to learn more about the app and uncover how their users are responding to their current advertisements.

words with friends benchmark


One way to do this is by filtering by Sentiment first, then Keywords. If you’re trying to discover a negative sentiment toward the ads in the game, you can select the ‘Negative’ Sentiment filter, then narrow your search further by inputting ‘Ads’ in the keyword search. Of course, you can also skip the Sentiment filtering by directly searching for ‘Ads’ or ‘Advertisements.’ This way, you can see all reviews, positive or negative.

review ex wordsNow, dive into individual reviews to get a better understanding of what it is about the ads that is provoking a response from users. While exploring the Words With Friends 2 reviews, for instance, you’ll discover multiple users complaining about “loud ads.” Reviews like this go back as far as June 2019.

3.0 reviewThis would be a good time to confirm which SDKs are installed in the app, if you haven’t already. Navigating to their ‘SDKs’ page under ‘App Insights,’ you’ll find that the app installed two Ad SDKs in June 2019 the same time when the user complaints began. And just like that, you now know which Ad Networks your prospect is using and exactly why they should consider working with you.


Empower your sales outreach 

In a matter of minutes, you’ve identified high-quality leads and conducted critical research, all within one web tool. Now it’s time to close the deal. The custom report you created in step one will hold the contact information of your targets at Words with Friends 2. You’ll be able to prepare a pitch for them using the insights you’ve gathered along the way, including performance estimates and user sentiment. 

This is your opportunity to explain how your solution can improve the overall user experience of the app and resolve any existing negative reviews. By guaranteeing an enhanced user experience, you guarantee improved user retention, too. That's a difficult proposition for any app developer to turn down.  

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Damian Gray

VP, Customer Success