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How VC firms & investors can use mobile intelligence for pattern & trend recognition

Aug 19, 2020


Jessica Demmer

Aug 19, 2020

Director of Demand Generation

Infusing mobile insights throughout the investment lifecycle is the best way to optimize investment strategy and improve portfolio performance. By leveraging competitive mobile intelligence early on in your process, you'll be the first to recognize patterns & trends and identify new opportunities.

How to manage the full lifecycle of an investment with mobile intelligence:

  • Analyze: assess markets, understand the competitive mobile landscapes and analyze key industry trends

  • Source: be the first to identify outliers and opportunities, and leverage mobile intelligence to track and qualify opportunities

  • Evaluate/Due Diligence: use mobile insights to evaluate performance and benchmark against competition and market leaders

  • Monitor: monitor portfolio market share to maximize growth potential and identify exit opportunities

Here's how the most savvy investors use Apptopia in their investment strategies:

Step 1: Remove apps & companies that aren't investable 

Data cleaning is necessary, but a bad use of your time. Apptopia will make your life easier by scrubbing your reports of companies that aren't relevant for you. Let's say you're an early stage practices may include:

  • No apps associated with public companies

  • No games

  • Removing small apps until they reach a certain threshold (i.e. 10k MAU)

  • Removing apps and companies from certain regions (i.e. you might be a US only investor)

 Step 2: Build custom reports which highlight key trends

Over the years we've learned how different slices of our data can help pull out key signals that represent a fast growing and healthy company. Here are some examples:

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 7.26.57 PM

No data scientist or engineer on your team? No problem. We'll build these reports for you in a format that works well for your team. With Apptopia, you gain the functionality and scale of an in-house data science team.

Data-driven deal discovery is the only way to stay ahead of the curve. With mobile intelligence in your investing toolkit, you’ll be the first to know what’s going on and the first to act. Want to learn more? 

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Jessica Demmer

Director of Demand Generation