How VCs use Apptopia’s data tools to find opportunity

May 26, 2022


Cooper Fairbanks

May 26, 2022

Mobile Data Specialist

Researching markets and sourcing new companies can be daunting. Apptopia’s data tools enable you to produce powerful insights, very quickly. Let’s use “teen banking” apps as our example. These apps enable teens to start a checking and savings account, make P2P payments, and have their own debit cards all before the age of 18 (with parental permission of course).

The top apps in this market are Till, Copper, BusyKid, GoHenry, Greenlight and Step. At a high level, the market appears to be losing momentum since Q3 2021.

apptopia market explorer

Clicking over to the Performance tab, we see, all but two apps are growing, and that the market is simply top heavy. It’s the two largest players that are declining in performance metrics. In all likelihood, we’re interested in the smaller players who are growing faster… so we look at the market from another angle.

teen banking growth

isolating apps in market explorer

In Apptopia’s Review Intelligence, we’re able to see that two of the fastest growing apps also have better user sentiment than the market’s leaders. We can dig deeper into the intent behind these reviews but on the surface, we can assume these apps (and maybe the brands) are liked more than those of the market leaders. This is a potential opportunity to help a company on the right track grow its market share further.

Further considerations when analyzing mobile app data

In the app ecosystem, it is important to remember that growth can mean a lot of things. Quantity does not always mean quality. A great way to determine the quality of installs is to examine the interplay between download bursts and DAU trends. When the DAU trendline closely follows that of downloads, it could be a signal of attracting the wrong users.

dau stay@2x

dau leave@2x

Work smarter, not harder

With access to Apptopia’s API, users can set parameters and source apps that meet their strictest criteria, on any regular cadence. For example, maybe you want to dig into any Shopping apps with a minimum of 20,000 daily active users and a maximum of 80,000 that have grown downloads by 50% over the past six months. You can do that!

While our example here for finding opportunity is for the teen banking app market, this same process can be applied to any sector. A combination of hard data points and user sentiment yields a broader look at a company’s digital footprint. One of the greatest strengths of Apptopia’s data sets is their high level of granularity.

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Cooper Fairbanks

Mobile Data Specialist