Lyft Driver launched in the U.S. in May and launched in Canada in November. In terms of attracting drivers, Lyft has done a better job of closing in on Uber's lead in America than it has on its hold in Canada. Even still, Lyft's efforts in the U.S. have leveled off.

According to our US Audience Intelligence, 86.8% of Lyft Driver users are likely to have already installed the Uber Driver app. This confirms what most of us already know or thought, rideshare drivers are mercenaries who will drive for either company depending on the current promotions and terms.

Currently, the average DAU for Uber Driver (USA + CAN) is 768,976. That number for Lyft Driver is 613,835. Below are two charts displaying how Lyft Driver's launch has played out in the U.S. and Canada. The percentages seen inbetween the two lines represent the difference between Uber Driver and Lyft Driver.

USA Driver Numbers.png

CAN Driver Numbers.png

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AuthorAdam Blacker

VP, Insights