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New: Integration Passport puts Apptopia data into your most used tools

Jun 17, 2020


Jonathan Kay

Jun 17, 2020

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

We think that making it insanely easy to get OUR data into YOUR tools is crucial.

Over the last decade, I've more or less dedicated my life to collecting, aggregating, processing and ultimately selling data. It’s clear that over the last few years specifically, the allure, demand, and dollars spent on data has skyrocketed.

Lately I've been reflecting a bit on the business we’ve built and why we took the path we did with Apptopia (i.e. product focused). Today, more than 60% of our team is Product + Data + Engineering (and actually this is down from nearly 75% in 2019). As a point of comparison, our number one competitor invests only 30% of their team in these functions.

Nearly a decade into running this company, I think this focus on product is more important now than ever before.

The odd fact is that data, by itself, actually has zero value.

The entire value is in the insights you derive from the data. By focusing on products and tools which don’t just visualize the data, but allow you to analyze, aggregate, and search the data - we are helping our customers unlock its true value.

As data has quickly become a 'need to have' vs 'nice to have,' you have seen more and more (amazing) companies pop up to help you make sense of your data - i.e. Tableau, Snowflake, Segment, Lookr, etc. This has caused a major shift in our industry. Now the most valuable place to access our data is not just on but likely also within your own internal tools.

For example, if you use Apptopia for sales, having our data in Salesforce is 10x more valuable than in Apptopia or in 28 different random CSVs on your laptop.

Many of our competitors today make it extremely painful to get access to their data. They put limits on what you can export, rate limit their APIs, and have invested limited effort into software integrations.

We’ve taken a completely different approach.  

We want to be the single easiest App Intelligence partner to integrate with. As such, we are launching something new today. Enter - Integrations Passport.


Our Integrations Passport is a brand new Enterprise Add On which will give you access to all of the Following: 

1. Custom export tool

Export any and all performance data from our site with our Custom Export Tool. Customize the data, granularity, and format exactly to your needs.

  • Filter by Country or Region

  • Historical data back to January 1, 2015

  • Performance estimates for: Downloads, IAP Revenue, DAU, MAU, Total Sessions, Total time spent in app

  • Daily, Monthly, and Quarterly granularity

  • Four options for entity aggregation and data schema

2. API Access

Full, unfiltered, and unlimited access to our API. No rate limits or “I got ya’s.” 

3. Salesforce Integration

This is not your grandmother’s Salesforce integration. It's a custom integration where we work directly with your team to get the Apptopia data you want, where you want it, in the format which is actionable for you.

These integrations include:

  • Company mapping - Programmatically mapping publishers and apps to your Salesforce accounts is support few others offer, but our experts will make it happen. 

  • Data enrichment - Once mapped, your Salesforce accounts will be automatically enriched with custom data points to give your team the insights they need to prioritize and land accounts. 

  • Ongoing net new lead creation - Never miss out on new opportunities. When a new app or publisher meets your custom criteria, we’ll automatically make it available for you to take action.

 4. Snowflake Integration

One of the most convenient (and fastest) ways to integrate with our data is via Snowflake. For those already working with or considering working with Snowflake, this is going to be as close to Plug & Play as it gets.

  • Learn more about our recent partnership with Snowflake here.

  • Note: data feed here can also be customized.

5. Custom Database Integration

As I mentioned above, we are a technology focused business. As such we are happy to also build out a custom data feed for you in any of the following:

  • AWS S3

  • AWS Redshift

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google Cloud

  • Postgres

  • BigQuery

Put simply, if you can dream it (define requirements) we will build it. 

Wait, can we really have all of these integrations?

Absolutely, yes. We completely understand that sometimes it's more valuable to have your data integrated internally via multiple sources. Maybe your Business Development Team wants the data via Snowflake and your Engineering / Data Science Team wants the data via S3.

One cost. All integrations. We have you covered.

We also know that over time organizations switch which tools and services they work with.  Once you have our Integration Passport, we got you covered. You won’t have to worry about our data not coming with you or needing to take out your wallet again.

Why are you doing this? Isn’t it inefficient and unscalable?

Our company’s single biggest objective is to have 100% Customer Retention.

The only way to achieve a goal like this is to ensure that we are providing real, consistent value to our clients. We always say internally that we need to:

  1. Make our clients money

  2. Save our clients time

We fundamentally believe that our Integrations Passport does both. We are more than happy to “lose money” on the engineering costs in the short run in order to build a long lasting partnership with you and your team.

We are so excited to be sharing this major launch with you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any and all questions. We are here to help.

Learn more about the Integration Passport Here →

Jonathan Kay

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer